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How does my coaching and healing program work? 

  • WHY?

  • We have spent so much of our lives believing that we can think our way through our problems. That if we learn more information or read another book then we will finally unlock the key to our root issue. We have lost sight of the fact that our subconscious “programming” accounts for 90% of our actions, beliefs, and choices. 

    Additionally, while it’s important to recall the parts of our story that are stuck in our memories, we also need to STOP talking about our stories so much. When I tell my story of personal trauma, I begin to reinforce its importance and value and my ego identity begins to identify with the trauma. 

    I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years and have found that one of the biggest challenges is getting someone to let go of their story. Their identity is threatened when they think of who they will be without the story. 

  • HOW?

  • Our work together will be multi-faceted and will include some processing, some energy releases, and a lot of my own experience as an intuitive. I have always relied heavily on my intuition to do the work that I do, and once I discovered how to grow and tap into this source directly rather than by “accident”, I have been able to accelerate my work with clients to a faster, more effective level. 

    Please expect to do personal work as assigned during our coaching relationship. This is a healing journey that will involve a mutual relationship and an investment on both of our parts in order to get you the best results possible. 

  • WHO?

  • I am open to working with all types of clients, but I want to work with those who are open to this being a collaborative relationship. I am not here to control or manipulate your healing process. That’s not my right as a healer and coach. It is your own empowered stance as a sovereign being to heal and grow at your own pace and level. But I am confident that working together, we will accelerate this process beyond what you have experienced in other traditional therapy settings. 

  • WHEN?

  • We will be working together for a minimum of 8 weeks with the possibility of adding an additional 4 weeks if we decide that it’s needed. This is NOT a long term process and it is my goal to have you feeling empowered in a short, solution focused way. I always tell my clients that “if you need me for a long period of time, then I haven’t done my job.” 

  • WHERE?

  • All sessions are performed via Zoom. A link will be sent once our coaching agreement has been made, and we will use the same link each session.