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Hi! I'm Brooksi!

My life's work is to help people live their lives openly, healed from their past, and in their true purpose. I'm a licensed clinical therapist and nationally recognized trainer and educator. I specialize in trauma specifically sexual, sexuality, gender and religious trauma and abuse -- and have trained with many experts in the field.

I hold a Master's degree in counseling psychology from Seton Hall University, am certified in Usui Reiki, am a certified Akashic Records healer and coach, and am a Rapid Resolution Therapist.


Core Beliefs that Guide my Work

  • We are all manifesting our reality every single day from our subconscious mind.

  • Healing is possible for everyone no matter how much you have faced.

  • We spend so much time judging ourselves and others that we have missed out on true connection.

  • We are not our thoughts, the stories we tell ourselves become our version of reality that creates suffering.